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All orders are shipped using standard airmail. We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments. If you wish to have your order registered and/or insured, please email for additional cost at:

Please note that the $6.50 international airmail postage will cover either 1 or 2 copies of noise receptor journal issue no.1.  Accordingly any orders for 2 copies at a total of $26.50 should be made directly via Paypal at:

If you wish to place an order for more than 2 copies, please get in touch for a postage quote.

Orders will ordinarily ship within one to two days.

All listed prices are in Australian dollars.  

If it is preferred to pay in Pounds, Euros or US dollars the following costs apply:

1 copy:

  • 12.0 Pounds (includes airmail postage).
  • 14.0 Euros (includes airmail postage).
  • 17.5 US dollars (includes airmail postage).

2 copies:

  • 18.0 Pounds (includes airmail postage).
  • 21.0 Euros (includes airmail postage).
  • 27.5 US dollars (includes airmail postage).

To use the above alternate currencies, PayPal payments MUST be made directly to: